A Whiff.


A gentle encounter. A way to say " I love you".
We curate florals for the every day; celebrations, commiserations or just to remind someone of love.




For lovers, friends, mothers and fathers, or perhaps to throw your enemy off.
For surprises of today, regrets of yesterday, or for the promise of all your tomorrows.




Celebrate love: Weddings

Flowers, décor and planning. One, or all three.

Whiff takes care of wedding planning, journeying with you and lifting your stresses. Simply, so you can savour the special season of engagement and fully immerse yourself in preparing yourselves for your marriage, together.


Everyday love: 

Bouquets et al.

Bouquets and arrangements, subscriptions and custom work. You will find a specially created selection in our e-store. Don't see what you like? Let's work together to create something just for your sentiments.


Experience Love:


Workshops and sessions

From florals to calligraphy, candle making to floral pressing. Whiff is expanding its workshop offerings so you can see that love can exist in so many forms nature has given and bring home love into your every day. 

Bridal showers, birthdays, business bonding or just for fun, Whiff is excited to meet you and share experiences. 


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Hi there!

So glad you're here! I am so excited to get to work and journey with you.

I am so thankful that I have Whiff to fulfil my whimsical wishes to get to spend time with flowers and plants and marry them with modern textures and visuals to craft experiences that make people feel special. 

I love hearing stories,  so tell me yours and let's make magic, together.

Yay! It's nice to finally meet you!

Tell me more here or drop me an email at jasmine@whiff.florist

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