Wedding Planning: The Beginning

As promised I would walk through my entire wedding planning process with all of you! Prior to that, there needs to be an engagement! Here's how the proposal happened:

My wonderful husband, Bennett, proposed in Melbourne, in the beautiful premises of Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm. He planned a private picnic at a spot he chose using Google Maps/streetview + a drone video he found of the farm! (super resourceful) It was just him, me and my lovely friend, Carina, who doubled as a ninja photographer running through the bushes haha. Here's more images:


So with that whirlwind and a really lovely holiday visiting friends in Melbourne, we launched into a calm and fruitful season of planning! Having planned a number of weddings I knew it was easy to get sucked into what a wedding could entail.

" It's your special day! Get that dress you've always dreamed of!" 

"I think that's too simple, you've got to go big. It's only ONE day!"

"Ooh, you should have *insert trendy wedding detail/entertainment/food" at your wedding!"

Perhaps it's comments like that have resulted in countless couples I had worked with lamenting on their wedding day, " I can't wait for it to all be over." 

There is a certain sadness to that, no? Yes, It should be a day of celebration, but Ben and I both knew we wanted to do it differently. We wanted people to walk into an atmosphere where they felt loved and appreciated, where it wasn't a spectacle about us, or the best details, but an avenue for God's love, shown through what we share, to be experienced by everyone who was invited. 


So the first thing we established,

we wanted people to feel alllll loved up.


The other thing we knew, was that we wanted it to tell our story! I always ask my clients, " Do you have a vibe you're going for? Or a theme/ colour scheme?" One of the rituals we've had in our  dating life ( and we still practise!) are Tuesday date nights. Every single Tuesday, we would go on a date! Yes, we see each other almost every day, (now being married, that definitely holds true), but, Tuesdays are special. We would try out a new place, restaurant/hawker/dessert place, or a new activity, fairs, galleries, sports etc. There is something precious about setting aside a couple of hours to be intentionally present with and for your loved one, and so many amazing memories have been made on Tuesdates. Our love tanks are always overflowing after Tuesdates, hence the decision to invite people on the biggest date night of our lives (so far),

it was going to be a Tuesday.

The third thing we established was that it was going to be a celebration that embraced both of us, that when people walked in it was going to be, " This is very Ben and Jasmine." I've done weddings where the groom had no part in the wedding planning, and closer to date he just felt displaced and the wedding was all about the bride. We are both believers of weddings being an equal partnership, and thank God, Ben is also super involved as a groom, and now a husband. So as we were thinking of a theme/ colour scheme, we naturally gravitated to colours we both love.

So we did the funniest thing, we looked into our wardrobes.

Lo and behold, a common thread, (haha, the pun), blues in different shades: dusty, greyish, navy, midnight, and so many tasty textures of cotton, linen, pleats, stripes and polka dots. 

We also looked at our engagement story! There were pops of sage and olives in the bouquet he proposed with as long as my favourite soft white, ecru. Then we got to the photo of the ring and a gleaming hint of rose gold:

So that came to a culmination of this colour scheme:


So far all of you wonderfully engaged lovelies, I hope this helps give you a start! Here's a little summary:




All images were carefully captured by Carina Sze